Stomped-up pop-folk that’s guaranteed to get any audience onto their feet, dancing, singing and smiling along. 

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Matt Powell

We are very sad to announce that Matt Powell, a founder member of the Nefarious Picaroons, died on Sunday 30th June in Devon.  Matt had studied Economics at the University of Surrey, Guildford, and then stayed on working locally, primarily within the financial sector. During that time, he was also developing his love of music and performance. That journey brought him to the, then embryonic, Ukejam community (being led by Adam Walters and Penny Fazackerley.)  He rapidly established himself as a dynamic, engaging and gregarious member of the commune. It was perhaps inevitable then that, in 2012, his friendship with John Hudson, Lidia Martinez-Puczyłowska, Pete Buckle, Ashley Paddon and Rachael Lowndes would lead to the formation of a band that soon became known as The Nefarious Picaroons. Matt was the catalyst for the formation of the band and quickly encouraged us to supplement the ukuleles with ‘other’ instruments. Within weeks the multi-instrumented, multi-voiced and multi-different sound of the ‘Picaroons’ became a reality. It has remained our trademark sound ever since. Matt loved being on the road with us playing gigs in pubs, clubs and festivals around the South East and was always ‘up for’ a great, often seriously extended, evening. His original hometown festival (in Ivybridge) was known as Livestock. Matt was the principal organiser. Somehow, he persuaded the cream of Ukejam and “The Picaroons” to travel to Devon for one, unforgettable, September weekend. Quite a feat. However, like all bands, the road wasn’t always smooth as music and life don’t often form a perfect mix. Matt and the band parted in 2013 but he continued to write and perform his own music. News of his death has left us all shocked, but we know for sure that without Matt there would have been no Picaroons. Thank you, Matt, for the music, the love and the good times.